A Practical Guide to entrepreneurship.
A self-explanatory and valuable guide to Entrepreneurship. It gets straight to the point in each chapter and makes the reader think. Even if you do not want to start a business, it's still useful for career-oriented women."

Marie L.

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Heartbreak Hustle significantly reduce how hard dealing with heartbreak can be.

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Sometime we can't get through it alone and that's okay too. It's essential to consult with a licensed professional to discuss your specific needs if you can't do it here with us! Sending love and strength ❤️ ...

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Reviews & Ratings


Love it so much - "My last relationship almost broke me and I was looking for something to help me get through and this is exactly what I was looking for."



Perfect! - "After reading this, you’ll be too busy growing your bank account to cry over any guy. It’s that empowering."



Exceeded my expectations! - "Ladies, this is your financial fairy godmother in book form. Heartbreak sucks, but being broke sucks more. This book helps with both!"



Highly recommended - "I can't start to tell you how much value is in this ebook/ guide. It helped me start my business, and all the other resources she added."


  • I just love the handmade products it just feels like she poured her love into them and I love that for me especially when I need a little more loving on ❤️.

  • Just joined the Content Clique it's just what I needed for my content creating journey, faceless and regular content and I can make suggestions for what I need.

  • I come here to make sure I keep myself the priority, I can give so much of myself sometimes and forget to take a step back.

  • I love how she shows up as herself, she's not trying to be anyone else she says what she has to and she does it in a way it's receptive not mean or nasty even if she's having a bad day. She's raw and I Love it Here!

  • Being able to have a place that the girls understand and not trying to be too judging is why I'm here, we don't have to all agree but, we can have the conversations the society tells us to shutdown in regards our emotions.

  • Fun authentic clothes and merch.